Case study: Communications strategy

Innovative communication to help tackle unemployment

How we developed a creative and adaptive communications strategy to help a capacity building programme share its work in promoting employment opportunity.

The background

With over 12 million people unemployed in South Africa, creating employment is at the top of the public and political agenda. This programme, working at the interface of government, the private sector and civil society, was designed to build capacity and infuse innovative, agile thinking into the approach to solving the growing unemployment crisis.

The brief

Lushomo’s role was to find and communicate the stories in the programme’s work and spread its key messages to a diverse group of partners, thereby galvanising engagement and action.

What did we do?

To provide long-term support for this dynamic project, we first finalised a detailed communication strategy, in line with the advocacy, communication and visibility priorities.

We then drew up a practical work plan, set to tight budgets and timelines.

This fed into the production of a range of communication products and ongoing support at live events, all driven by people-centred storytelling.

What did we make?

Video stories of project initiatives
These people-centred stories of change were mobile-friendly and easy to share via social channels. Using interview footage and reportage they linked individuals and their experiences to the project's specific initiatives and the overall approach.

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Social media content
Including strategic posts, static infographics and punchy information-design GIFs.

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Interactive multimedia posters
We created an interactive, multimedia series of posters that told the story of CBPEP’s capacity building journey through animation, video and engaging illustrations.

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Event support
In addition to supporting various onsite and online colloquia, we also developed live-captured graphics, close-out reports and other supporting communication materials

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An innovative brand identity and website
After creating a strong, versatile brand identity for the programme, we built a dedicated website to showcase its information, stories, event details and news in an interactive, human-centred space.

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