Data visualisation and infographics
Publication design and layout
Branding and visual identity development

The background

Columbia University’s Enhancing National Climate Services (ENACTS) initiative delivers robust climate data, targeted information products and training for policymakers and practitioners, enabling them to apply climate information to development decisions with confidence. The data products combine information from local observations and also from satellites and global models.

The brief

To design and produce seven, four-page flyers on the ENACTS initiative for Columbia University's Earth Institute.

Our response

We developed these flyers to explain what the ENACTS data and map rooms are, and to highlight the importance of this data. They described the positive ways in which the new ENACTS climate data can help build resilience in a changing climate.

We used illustrations and photographs to portray how the ENACTS data and map rooms can be used to impact lives. 

Seven flyers were created to explain the importance of the ENACTS data and map room.

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Each double-page spread included a visualisation explaining the role of the ENACTS data and map room in enhancing national and local resilience.

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