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The background

Every year, around seven million deaths occur due to exposure to both outdoor and household air pollution. In addition, over two billion people lack safe drinking water at home. In this project, Lushomo helped the World Health Organization’s (WHO) multiple environmental campaigns on topics ranging from safe drinking water to indoor and outdoor air pollution to heavy metal exposure.

The brief

To support WHO communication campaigns on environmental health topics.  

Our response

We developed a range of infographics to raise awareness on these important environmental issues. We approached this design work using our double diamond technique. This process involved creating a range of options, selecting one and iterating several times on that. Our approach is creative and often non-linear.

Air polluction infographics
We helped WHO promote their #AirPollution campaign with bold, colourful visuals.

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Sanitation infographics
Another set of infographics created awareness on sanitation and access to safe drinking water.

Infographics in different languages
The WHO provided us with translations of the English slides and we then had them laid out by designers fluent in the five additional languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

Lead paint infographics
We also developed infographics on the dangers involved with using lead paint.

Safe housing infographics
We chose bright colours and bold, simple visuals for these infographic sets, to capture attention and encourage engagement on social media.

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