Heart Disease Toolkit


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UX research and design
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Data visualisation and infographics

The background

Rheumatic heart disease (RHD) affects children and young people living in conditions of poverty and overcrowding, particularly in Africa and the pacific. Thirty-two million people around the world suffer from the condition, which kills hundreds of thousands of people a year. RHD is the most common acquired heart disease among children and young people in developing countries. RHD Action is a united movement to end the burden of RHD worldwide, while RhEACH is a technical support and policy translation initiative to amplify RHD control efforts locally, regionally and globally.

The brief

To create a toolkit on rheumatic heart disease for practitioners and healthcare providers that would seamlessly integrate numerous instruments and fillable forms for its users.

Our response

We produced a 198-page toolkit with clean bold design. It was produced with healthcare providers in mind. We made use of user-friendly tools to ensure that the toolkit was easy to navigate and easy to work with.

A clear and easily digestible infographic spread which showed the steps to take at each phase of the framework.

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Easy-to-navigate forms
A large number of forms were created for practitioners to follow. For easy navigation, form colours and styles were dependent on the phase that they occurred in.

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