Report on access to medicine


Health and environment


Data visualisation and infographics

The brief

To create graphics for a report by the Secretary-General of the United Nations’ High Level Panel on Access to Medicine. The Secretariat required 10 information graphics to visualise the story of the misalignment between the right to health and trade rules and the process that the Secretariat engaged in soliciting the inputs of governments, industry, civil society, and academia. 

Our response

We created 11 multipurpose graphics (including maps and graphs), which were shareable across social media platforms.

Infographic timeline
This timeline shows the separate evolutions of human rights, public health and IP systems.

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Infographic map
We used Tableau and Adobe Illustrator to create a map on TRIPS, TRIPS-flexibilities and TRIPS+, which are policy spaces for countries to mitigate the impact of patents.

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Infographic graphs
A variety of bar graphs were created using Excel and Adobe Illustrator to show data related to the costs, funding sources, and spending on medicine. 

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