Data visualisation and infographics
Publication design and layout
Communications strategy
Branding and visual identity
Video and animation production
Website and app development
Digital and social media

The background

#SkillsBoostWesternCape is a research and action project, driven by the Western Cape Government, to stimulate digital skills development and future-proof the region’s economy. 

The brief

To give the project a visual identity, strategically communicate its objectives and results, assist in building momentum and engage stakeholders across sectors. 

Our response

We developed the project’s branding and built a website to house a range of multimedia assets we created. One of our core areas of work is engaging with raw qualitative and quantitative information to distil and visualise it in the most accessible way. We did this through a variety of branding materials, such as banners and pamphlets, animated graphics for social media, promotional videos and visually appealing newsletters and reports.

We designed, developed and hosted the project’s website.

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We created animated graphics for social media which were distributed for events, posted on the project’s social media accounts, and hosted on the website.

Social media
Bold and eye-catching visuals promoted social media engagement. 

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Based on a draft report received from WHO-AFRO, as well as access to raw survey data, Lushomo produced a report with data visualisations and infographics to highlight country progress on implementing the Libreville Declaration. The report and the results that is showcased were used to inform deliberations at the conference, that led to the development of the new strategic action plan.

Summary report
The findings from large-scale research undertakings were condensed into one summary report for an accessible, informative snapshot of the full initiative.

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Fold-out document
A printed fold-out summarised the main research activities and supplemented other materials produced for live workshops and facilitated events.

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Lushomo designed a range of banners for the conference, which included large hanging banners and standing banners. One of the wall banners was designed for use as a backdrop for taking photos at the event.

Eight, two-minute long videos capturing the workshop and interviews with government and corporate leaders were shared through a series of follow-up newsletters.

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