Adolescent Health in Africa


Health and Environment


​​Data visualisation and infographics
Publication design and layout
Communications strategy

The background

Information about adolescent health is information-scarce and undervalued on the African continent. The WHO Regional Office for Africa wanted to better communicate the status of adolescent health in a way that highlights its importance for policy and programming.

The brief

To help the WHO effectively communicate the status of adolescent health in the African Region.  

Our response

We started by reviewing all available literature and online data. Gathering the best information available, we undertook an analysis of key challenges, trends and priorities for adolescent health. We then developed a range of materials, which included a graphic-rich background report, a summary report, a series of posters, banners, and a variety of stationery.

Background report
This project’s key deliverable was a background report on the trends and challenges of adolescent health in the African Region. The report contextualises adolescent experiences in the region and includes chapters on the current status of adolescent health and specific health issues such as reproductive health.

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These information-rich posters used graphs to showcase seven areas of concern for the health of adolescents: alcohol and tobacco use, education, employment, HIV, adolescent pregnancy, maternal mortality and sexual violence.

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Data visualisation
We designed multiple graphs to showcase key messages and distil stories.

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This online and printed infographic identified important data on the challenges and priorities on sexual and reproductive health.

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The campaign also included various other stationary products.

Lushomo designed a range of banners for the conference, which included large hanging banners and standing banners. One of the wall banners was designed for use as a backdrop for taking photos at the event.