Costing tool for health economics assessments


Health and environment


Data visualisation and infographics
Publication design and layout
Branding and visual identity

The background

In 2019, WHO TDR developed a costing tool aimed at providing users with practical knowledge for integrating or conducting a stand-alone health economic study. It serves multiple purposes in the scale-up and implementation of health projects, including providing information of affordability and sustainability considerations for project stakeholders, decision-makers and funders.

The brief

To design and layout the cost collection and analysis toolkit in a manner that is easy to use, highly engaging and accessible to multiple audiences.

Our response

We began by engaging extensively with the provided material, determining how to deconstruct and present it in a way that made the pathways and steps clear and easy to follow.

The overall visual identity introduced colours and bold typography and illustrations to enhance the functionality and ease of use.

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The final output was an interactive PDF, with hyperlinks to other pages within the tool and to external resources and supplemental materials.

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We also designed practical workbooks, questionnaires and templates to accompany the tool. These were formatted as editable and adaptable Microsoft files, and as interactive PDFs with instructions and examples for how to complete them.