WHO country support on climate change and health


Health and environment


Data visualisation and infographics
Publication design and layout
Communications strategy

The background

As climate change intensifies and unpredictable weather events become more regular, it is imperative that countries develop climate resilient health systems. The WHO offers a range of mechanisms to assist countries on this journey.

The brief

To develop an interactive infographic outlining the support structures offered by WHO to help countries in building climate resilient health systems; and to clearly identify tools and assistance available to build climate resilient health systems.

Our response

Through numerous consultations, Lushomo worked closely with the WHO Environment, Climate and Health (ECH) team to create an accessible, interactive infographic for countries working to build climate resilient health systems. The document is based around five key questions often asked by countries when addressing how to build climate resilient health systems, and the five subsequent processes that answer these questions and guide work on climate change and health.

The document begins with establishing the three key WHO focus areas that are crucial in fostering climate resilient health systems.

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We designed a range of social media assets to promote the conference and the health and environmental issues that were discussed. This process involved drawing out key messages from various reports, creating sketches, and designing the graphics.

This interactive infographic first outlines five key questions countries often ask when working to build climate resilient health systems. The page defines the icons for each of the sections that follow.

The icons defined in the previous page are illustrated here with colour to bring alive the processes that answer each question. The ‘learn more’ buttons allow the user to jump to the desired section.

Based on a draft report received from WHO-AFRO, as well as access to raw survey data, Lushomo produced a report with data visualisations and infographics to highlight country progress on implementing the Libreville Declaration. The report and the results that is showcased were used to inform deliberations at the conference, that led to the development of the new strategic action plan.